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Organic cotton

We chose organic, GOTS certified cotton, because it is controlled to limit the use of hazardous chemicals during the whole production processes. Thanks to this, it does not contain harmful chemicals or toxic dyes. This means that it is kind and safe even for delicate skin. Organic cotton feels a lot softer than the standard retail one, because the fibers do not get broken by harsh chemicals and dangerous pesticides during its farming and production processes. Our cotton is natural, ethical and environment friendly!

FairTrade cotton

This means that by purchasing our products, you contribute to Fairtrade’s efforts to empower Fairtrade cotton producers to gain access to significant new market opportunities with the potential to deliver major social and environmental impact in their farms and communities. A proportion of the purchasing price of Fairtrade certified cotton is invested by producers in social, environmental and economic development projects. There are strict Fairtrade standards designed to improve social sustainability and protect the environment where Fairtrade cotton is grown.